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We sell our raw unpasteurised milk at local farmers markets


We started taking Raw Milk after much discussion and debate about 7 years ago. We finally realised the great benefit derived from this natural product and so as a small community in Birmingham, we decided to find a reputable Farm whom we could deal with.

We went to a number of farms but we found Carol and Paul to stand out from the rest. Thy were extremely welcoming and were willing to meet our needs. The milk they provided was fresh and delicious and many people could not seem to go back to "regular" milk after tasting their milk! and as one person mentioned he is "hooked".

We have been dealing with Paul and Carol for well over 6 years now and they have been accommodating and helpful and any problems or hurdles that we have had, they have helped us overcome. Our community currently takes just over 200 litres a week on average and some times of the year has even gone up to 300 and we have been more than satisfied with the service and, more importantly, the great milk.

I really look up to them for the way they treat their animals and I see how the cows are treated and can say that the cows are really living a great lifestyle which is also very important to us.

I wish Carol and Paul all the best and hope they can grow from strength to strength!

S. Rasool
Deputy Head Teacher

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